Tuesday, 9 February 2010


This is a copy of the final paragraph on page 8 of my March 2010 Wing newsletter:

TAXES: Sorry, Got to leave you to empty my piggy bank to pay my taxes. Relying on me are two governments and hundreds of politicians all of whom claim they are working hard for my interests. Good of them to tell me as I would not recognize this on my own. Congress is in gridlock and Harper has sent Parliament packing for two months, implying politicians are redundant as the Civil Service runs the show anyway. If my interests are being served then they are not belt tightening or taxing me nearly enough. Canada is in much better financial shape perhaps because it ranks 33rd highest while the US is 48th among world countries in taxes levied. While Canada takes most of my taxes, it is still not enough to avoid deficits. The US is #1 in owing $13.6 trillion to other countries while Canada ranks #15 owing $762 billion. US politicians are so much more in need of my money that they tax some of my Canadian income that Canada has already taxed. I have expressed remedies in these newsletter pages but, as the newsletter falls somewhat short of being a media conglomeration, it lacks the power to influence. Pity!

I suppose I should be grateful they do not demand more of my money - but, my peace of mind is shattered by that howl of anguish coming from future generations and I wonder how much of that is my fault? My vision is inadequate to see how we can avoid belt tightening and higher taxes. It does tell me that the US Empire is not sustainable - as all empires before it discovered.

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