Saturday, 27 November 2010


Pat-Downs at airports bother me only because it broadcasts the fact that, for the expenditure of a few thousand dollars, terrorists force us to expend billions in counter measures.

When I go through so-called extensive pat-downs at airports I tell the examiners that they are rank amateurs. When I was captured after being shot down in Germany I was searched at every change of location. The Luftwaffe searchers were quite polite and respectful asking me to strip completely so they could thoroughly search my clothing and every body opening. This included me bending over to have a long finger rammed up my anus to ensure I was hiding nothing there.

Airport searchers would invariably tell me that Uncle Sam did not pay them enough to do that.

The long suffering German “soldats” assigned this task were paid very little and were never issued with plastic gloves. Service to one’s country does come in many forms.

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  1. Sid had one of these pat downs recently only it was more of a slide down than a massage. People stopped to watch. The TSA officer was polite and business-like even though the target of what Sid called a massage was a very unlikely terrorist, being only the victim of an artifical hip. It struck me as closing the barn door because as soon as TSA searches for one method, the terrorists will be developing another. Next time, they will use body cavities. That is when I abandon the airline industry.