Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I have just finished Robert Lanza's excellent book "Biocentrism". He weaves in interesting life experiences as he explains the 7 principles of Biocentrism and the fact that we need to search Biology rather than Physics for answers. He argues that Space and Time, the realm of Physics, require a conscious observer to become reality.

I can vouch for this in my dreams which I can sometimes control. In them I can effortlessly jump among scenes and people long gone, some for centuries. It seems so natural, and almost all are pleasurable. Why, then, can I not do the same in my waking moments? Robert provides much appreciated food for thought but, like me, he still seeks answers that remain elusive. This spark of energy we call Consciousness may be immortal even if it is arrogant to assume that the trillions of cells that have supported it in this life may not be. Are not cells also Conscious Observers?
I also relate to Robert's "All life is one" (Solipsism). During my lone period of aggression - my 17 bombing operations over Germany - I could never escape the feeling that what I was doing to others I was, in fact, doing to myself as were the flak gunners and night-fighter crews thinking that I, and those like me, were their only victims.
Immortality is great if it means continuance of what we enjoy, but there are far too many frightening scenarios that we could stumble into while we struggle to learn how to pilot Consciousness.
For now, the thrill remains in the chase.

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