Tuesday, 2 August 2011


From my comfortable sofa I can simultaneously watch TV and my plant-filled sun deck that is glassed in with sliding doors and a high ceiling.
Both views reveal lack of intelligence. On the television I can watch in disbelieve our elected representatives wasting endless hours in bickerings that evade what must be done to get us out of the mess they got us into. Sad, because some exhibit common sense plus responsibility for the welfare of the people, the nation, and the world while enough, who are beholden to interests from whom they rely on for financial aid, can block universally-beneficial remedies. With the sun deck I can watch similar actions.
When the glass sliding doors are closed, feral cats, raccoons, and squirrels find the cat door and shove open the curtains to enjoy the cat food and water left there, then leave the way they came.
In the warmer months the glass doors remain open. The flowers attract flying visitors. Some have no difficulty leaving the way they entered, but humming birds and bees often, after obtaining enough nectar, want to leave, they fly up to the glass ceiling where they can spend the rest of their lives seeking a higher ceiling - just like those forever raising our debt ceiling, never realizing salvation lies in coming down.
Fortunately for the humming birds and bees, I have a net on the end of a long pole and am adept at snagging and releasing them.
I am open to suggestions on how to modify the net to snag errant politicians.

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