Friday, 9 August 2013


                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I have just finished another book on the incredibly-complex quantum world and still do not understand it, but then I admit I do not understand the macro world either.  I do wonder if Dolphins and Bacteria discuss the same complaints.   In our human world the hardest people to accept change are scientists who have spent decades pursuing lines of thought and evolving answers they are loathe to discard.  So, Lynne McTaggart, an investigative reporter and author of several books does have her skeptics and detractors, but I found her book, “The Field”, fascinating as it amplifies many deep feelings I have had throughout a long life.
     But, do consider the book just a beginning in our quest, at least ever since we became “Homo sapiens”, to understand who, what, where, how, and why we are.  As a combat veteran, my most lingering post dramatic stress disorder is a worrisome conviction that all life is one and that what I do to others I am doing to myself. This fear outweighed the fear of enormous attention from flak and fighters during 17 bombing and mining operations before being shot down and assigned to 800 days in what became my Alma Mater, Stalag Luft III.
     Lynne McTaggart describes the Zero Point Field, an immense sea at the quantum level of nothingness near absolute zero that is empty, yet full of energy, quite sufficient for all human needs if we learn to tap into it - and having the capacity to store everything that has ever happened.  She goes on to explain the work over the past 40 years of hundreds of small groups of scientists around the world who are, with stringent controls to exclude unwanted influences, finding new powers that life forms have and how they can influence events well above what chance alone achieves.   Among the new avenues and findings of research are: (1) Cells can communicate with and influence other cells, that correct Darwinian evolution by adding cellular choice,  (2) Vibes, good and bad, are real and can influence health, behaviour, and events with the more numerous and united participants are increasing the effects, so mass prayers or thoughts do work more than chance allows, (3) There are more truths in aboriginal beliefs than we care to admit, (4) Consciousness is separate from our bodies, (5) Our current brains, incredible as they might be, are incapable of understanding quantum physics in spite of the fact they are capable of using it in many fields, (6) All living things interact with each other and with the environment, and (7) living things include atoms, molecules, clouds, seas, rocks as well as you and me.
     Lynne cannot tell me, can you?, that when I die and my remains mingle again with the Zero Point Field,  do they ever reassemble themselves into other life forms and how enduring is my consciousness?  Will it be there to decide whether I want to be a salamander or a better human?
     Humans have made immense strides in understanding Life and our Universe(s).  Let us not be content with just using our brains to survive from day to day in our present format in our present world.  There remains so much unused brain power that you and I can extend our powers to probe its depths so, perhaps, one or both of us can contribute another breakthrough in understanding.
     Bon Voyage.


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