Tuesday, 3 June 2014


     “Hoax, hoax, hoax.  Period!  Case Closed!”  It saddens me to get this response when I try to broach the subject.  Have we all lost our youthful curiosity due to our world having too many misfits forever trying to deceive us? 
     Crop circles entered our lives in Wiltshire in 1991.  Joan and I were on one of our month-long UK tours, hiring a car and enjoying the unique pleasures of Bed and Breakfast abodes.  In our carefully-planned itinerary we had included a few days in Peterborough with Jack Ball, a fellow POW who had been shot down on Christmas-day, 1944.  Post war, Jack had lost his 2 sons to a mysterious illness, then his wife.   Part way through our tour, we received word Jack had died suddenly.  We decided instead to head for Cornwall.  En route, we stopped at a B&B across the road from Silbury Hill, Europe’s largest man-made ancient mound.  There we met a scientist planning to stay up all night on top of a nearby, slightly-excavated, 4,000-year-old burial mound on the look-out for crop circles being formed.  I jumped at the chance to join him.  For a 360 degree view we stood back-to-back on top of the long, wide mound, situated on top of a slope.
       About 0200 we were startled by a voice asking “Are you well?”  Three, of what to us were Hippies, appeared out of the darkness carrying guitars.  They had come to  commune musically with the spirits in the small, excavated, entrance to the tomb.  About an hour later a dog in the distance started a loud barking, lasting 30 minutes.  But dawn arrived and we had not heard nor seen anything of crop-circle activity.  At breakfast we heard that a new crop circle in the shape of a whale had appeared - within our night’s line of sight!  Joan, well rested, was anxious to rush out to inspect it.  We did, then found another one a mile or so away but it had been formed a few nights earlier.  We stayed another night at the B&B to inspect Avebury, Stonehenge, and visit the Pub frequented by world-wide scientists with lots of crop-circle talk.  Fabulous!  This was before the hoaxers took centre-stage.  We learned that nodule points on the wheat or barley stems inside the circles had been burst open as though by the heat of a microwave.  I brought home two samples from inside and outside the circles, giving them to a crop scientist at a Colorado university to examine.  He never did.  It reminded me of the nights at NORAD that I carefully recorded phoned-in accounts of UFO sightings  only to have them filed and forgotten somewhere up the line.  And then there was the day we sighted a surfaced sub off the Cape Parry Dew Line site, prompting me to fire off the signal “Sub sighted, Beaver Scrambled, Sub Fled.” (the Beaver was my entire Air Force and, yes, I followed with a detailed report, but we never heard whether it was one of ours or one of theirs).  
     Hoaxers and disinterest have done great harm to scientific research, especially with needed public support.  For 23 years now, Joan and I have admired the design, complexity, language, mythology, biology, mathematics, physics, and other aspects of crop circles.  While allowing for the incredible ingenuity of humans as hoaxers, there is more than enough left to warrant continued research.  Humans are actively engaged in trying to understand Reality and unmask the unknown from the minds of animals to the tiny particles and forces of Nature.  Crop Circles, while centuries old, have matured in intricacies that hint at something trying to communicate with us.   The media they use has involved wheat, barley, lavender, snow, and sand with ley lines often involved (energy forces connecting geographic features) and floating lights of magnesium-flare intensity.
     The world’s favourite location for the originators of crop circles is the county of Wiltshire in England.  Now, if that county can boast of having humans clever enough to create the intricate designs  in the few hours of darkness that latitude provides while never being detected they would first have to design and produce a template that they could rigidly mount, then forced through microwaves that spread out to enlarge to 200 feet or more on reaching the crops.
     There are hundreds of crop circles each season.  What benefits would ensue to human hoaxers to do more than a few crude circles just for kicks?
     Then, there are those so addicted to Crop Circles that they inhale bizarre explanations and they have come up with explanations that are involved and beyond the understanding capabilities of most of us, but then so is quantum and other branches of physics .
     Nevertheless, there remains an intriguing and on-going presentation of crop circles in complicated designs that cover a wide field of thought.  Core groups continue their investigations, magazines and books on the subject continue to be published, and . . .
     We applaud PBS Channel 12 for featuring crop-circle research in a couple of recent programs. 

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