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    I should be able to ask the Media - but it is under siege as to what is alternate truth, fake news, or the real stuff.  So, I had to accumulate over 40 books by Canadian, UK, and US dissidents, but more of that later.
Long-worshiped Money is simply a convenient means of exchange used by humans, birds, and mammals.  With humans, livestock and bags of grains (from which ‘shekel’ is derived) were too bulky so we substituted smaller tokens of value such as shells, beads, coins, paper, bank accounts, and credit cards.
Like other Gods, Money embraces a wide range of human characteristics.  It is the one God that is accepted by all so it is imperative we relegate it, as many do, to the role of servant, benevolent and peaceful.  Sadly, too many of us continue to fail.  It can be very addictive with Much wanting More with no pity.   
To understand our needed task we must find and extract the many roots of Evil that have brainwashed us into believing that, while the rest of the world has faults, we have been examples of virtue.  We must endure the pain of finding this is not so.  As Putin tells us “No country is as exceptional as the US claims to be.”
I was fortunate in having Irish and French ancestry, raised in British Canada as a Catholic by loving parents with a brother and sister for companionship and competition in both cities and small towns.  Early I became an inquisitive rebel.  In my large kindergarten classroom in Owen Sound, Ontario, the hardwood floor was laid out in the shape of a Union Jack and we students would march in along the arms of the St. Andrew’s cross.  On the wall was a large world map depicting one quarter of it in red - the British Commonwealth and Empire.   What a great sense of pride to be taught we were part of an empire that had done so much good in the world.
     Well, it had done enough good to allow our educators to concentrate on it, but my mother, with all Irish roots,  would recount many examples where reality was somewhat different, but she did not dwell on the faults of those quarrelsome Celts as they also had so many likeable attributes.  My school friends gave me insights into 7 religions.  The prettiest girls always seemed to belong to other religions, resulting in us downgrading religion.   Having two uncles seriously wounded in WWI and growing up among so many veterans of it and of the Boer War made me well aware of the stupidity of war.  The long tale of the Crimean War, the Nile Campaign, and the numerous invasions we managed to beat off from the USA amplified all this.  Yet, I was to find myself a member of Bomber Command in WWII that included immoral area bombing and seeing, as a POW of 800 days, just how much horror it brought to millions of innocent Germans, Italians, French, Belgians, Dutch and Danes. This was followed by flying re-supply from Canada for the Korean War.  Wisely, we declined to join in the immoral wars against Vietnam and Iraq.
My military career brought me into contact with the competition among UK, Canadian, US, German, and Swedish, air, sea, and land munition makers and the worship of God Money.  It also mixed me with men from over 30 countries, finding the vast majority to be caring human beings undeserving of the cruel fates meted out to so many millions of them in wars with no connection to Necessity.
On retirement from the military I became involved for 16 years in the US educational system, teaching world history, geography, and international relations.  I found that, in history classes, there was a distinct difference in what was taught from elementary through intermediate levels to university.  Glowing praise for the US was the norm through high school.  In university I was many times the only one putting in a good word for US actions.  I found I was in a divided country that contained the elements of a second civil war.
Yet, I was very fortunate in being in a few of those countries where freedom of expression was actually free.  The Reporters Without Borders Association, in their assessment of all world countries, rank Finland first, Germany 16th, Canada 18th, UK 38th, USA 41st, France 45th, Japan 72nd, the Ukraine 107th, India 137th, , Russia 148th, Turkey 151st, China 176th.
Delving into the arguments of my dissidents I am impressed with the depth of their research and the fact that they amplify my suspicions, much of which was gleaned from the regular world press that did examine some of our faults amid extolling our good points.
What is so shattering to our peace of mind is the depth of corruption of so many whom we thought were employed to work for the good of humanity rather than their own power and affluence.
It was well known that our goofs created Al-Qaida, Daesh, and many of those organizations we call Terrorists.  What the dissidents point out is that much of this was, and is, deliberate - to destabilize and rule.
A few of the most noted dissidents whose works should be heeded include: Noam Chomsky, Noami Klein,  Andrew Bacevich, Ivan Eland, Andrew Feinstein, Charles Ferguson, Ahmed Rashid, David Suzuki, Amy Goodman, Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, the authors who contribute to the book “ISIS is US”, and the two Syrian Girl Superstars, one age 7, the other with an MSc in chemistry, both telling us online that all Syrian rebels are terrorists injected by us.  Several of these dissidents provide data that reveals the worst offenders reside in the United States, Israel, the UK, Turkey, and France.
To understand the present we must know the past and that is a massive requirement.  A small sample: The Vikings, who both plundered and settled, while dominant in the Baltic Sea, ventured into the Baltic States and the Ukraine.  A group of them, known as Rus, about 1113 AD, settled the area, captured Kiev, and gradually grew to control the world’s largest land mass.  Being confined to the northern latitudes they sought warm water ports, bringing them into conflict with France and Britain who instigated wars to keep the big bear confined.  This task has been willingly inherited by the USA who leads with sanctions against Russia for re-taking Crimea that had been given to another part of the USSR called Ukraine.  The CIA in 2005 had a large role in the installation of pro-Western Viktor Yushchenko who ousted pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych as Ukrainian president.  Milton Friedman’s Chicago School of Economics played a role in converting USSR state enterprises into privately-owned businesses at low prices thus creating a score of millionaires. Vladimir Putin may have his faults but he has not interfered with us near as much as we have interfered with him.  Neither has Iran.
    Played down, or ignored, by most of our press is the fact that elements within our beloved countries have the blood of millions on their hands in their quest for oil, wealth, and control.  With irrefutable proof our dissidents explain how these elements in the CIA, Mossad, MI6, and the Turkish and French Intelligence Services have teamed to disrupt countries that pose obstacles to their greed. Covered in great detail is the cost, in blood, infrastructure, and stability, imposed on Angola, Afghanistan, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Peru, Russia, Syria, Vietnam, and others.
We also must know how that totally unnecessary war, known as The Great War, contributed to our current shame.  The break-up of the ethnically-tolerant Ottoman Empire due to the UK-French-Russian-Australian victory that left the spoils to only France and Britain because the Australians wisely went home and the Russians became occupied in a Red-White war.  To get a foothold in that oil-rich area, the USA became cosy with the unsavoury Saudi Arabia and bribed the UN to allow the re-creation of Israel at the expense of Palestine.  With the occupation of a broken Iraq, oil soon flowed to the Haifa refinery for export to Europe.  The intent was to add Syria’s oil but Syria had become the last free, democratic, and tolerant Middle East entity so had to be made submissive.  Using Saudi and Qatar money and captured Libyan arms  our infamous group recruited death squads to infiltrate and cause false unrests and to morph into Al Qaida and Daesh armies that fought each other  in the guise of Assad vs The People wars.  Daesh/ISIL/ISIS capture of oil fields led to a steady flow of oil to Turkey giving President Erdogen immense wealth as he paid ISIS only a third of world prices. 
As we did to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya we are making an unbelievable mess of Syria, fighting some and supporting others among the death squads we created, permitting Vladimir to scold us: “Stop playing with words.  Terrorists are terrorists, moderate ones behead people moderately.” His intervention has saved Syria and stopped the flow of its oil to Turkey.  But military ‘savings’ come at great costs to innocents.  
The lack of concern for others is evident in the fact that those most responsible countries for the Syrian refugees are those unwilling to accept them: USA, Israel, and UK, It is also evident in the Americas with the continued encroachments on Native rights and their environment by those who put money above all else. 
The saddest part of all this is that our exalted leaders seem immune to our faults and continue to create enemies - a pursuit that can be very cruel but quite profitable. Our new leader has increased an already-bloated military budget that will seed a terrifying arms race in a nuclear and cyber age while cutting funding for vital environmental protection. His $54 billion increase is 80% of Russia’ entire military budget.  Even our foundations join in: Reagan’s National Endowment for Democracy, The Albert Einstein Institute, the Tavistok Institute (UK), the George Soros Donations. Yes, they all express gratitude to veterans - but why create them?
Could it be that God Money is so omnipotent that it blinds us to conscience?  Why, we should ask, has not all of our Media jumped on this immense wealth of data our dissidents have provided? Perhaps they have, hidden among all those intriguing mysteries including crop circles, UFOs, 9/11 twin tower controlled demolitions, assassinations, scams, conspiracies, and so much else - and we are too comfortable to ferret it out.
                                                                                                                         Ye Olde Scribe

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